Interaction – an idea of pause and effect relationship

With what words could someone describe interaction? I will list some of them:
* involvement
* communication
* activity
* 2 way action
* input-output
* internet, letter writing, conversation.
Based on Crawford’s theory interaction is a cyclic process between two actors alternatively listen, think and speak.
To understand this term and the role of the two actors in an interactive experience during the lecture we were separated in groups of two to complete two tasks.
In the first task one of each team had to close his/her eyes and the other one had to give him directions how to walk a random root in the classroom.

In the second task, one of each team had to lay back on the floor and the other one had to direct him standing up with one move at a time.

Experiencing both tasks I came up with the following results:
a.To direct someone is like designing an experience for him/her. The one who gives the instructions has the role of the designer or the interactive platform and the one who follows his/hers directions has the role of the user.
b.Communication is a key to complete that experience successfully. The language, the voice tone, understanding the directions, clear and immediate instructions are some of the main assets that help someone to direct effectively and the user to comprehend easily the experience and how to react.
c.Another very important quality, in such experiences, is the trust which is built among the two actors. A clear message makes the user feel safe and less venerable. Especially in the first task, having your eyes closed, the expirience becomes really frustrating so trust becomes essential.
d.Feed back from both actors is nesessary to maintain that trust and enhase the communication between the two parts.
Practicing the second task and observing how the rest of the teams where reacting in it, I realized that it was really hard to complete it if the director would not try the experience along with the directed actor. The more time passed with unsuccessful attempts the more the person who had to stand up felt uncomfortable.
Summing up all of the above the duties of an interactive designer become more obvious. Every designer needs to be heard and to be understandable using clear and short instructions. He/she has to be precise and not misleading to avoid frustration. It’s very important to predict the issues or problems the user might have by experiencing the interaction from the user’s aspect. Every interactive experience is meant to be used by a target audience and it’s the designer’s role to design an accessible and usable root – interface – to communicate with it.

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