Splinter’s Portfolio Tips

As a part of “Professional Practices and the Workplace” module two members of Splinter‘s staff came to our class to advice us for our personal portfolios. Here are some of the tips they gave us:
1. Keep a neat and clean portfolio
2. A printed portfolio is a good idea as a complementary of our presentations
3. It is good to show the whole idea for each project emphasizing with the size and the placement the main central piece.
4. In the printed portfolio each project is nice to have a little text with the main assets of the project like target group, project name, time, small brief.
5. The printed portfolio can be updated or altered based on the purpose we are showing it.
6. If we send a cd we should make it interesting. No one will mind spending some time to see something that stands out.
7. A good web site for prints is: www.motionflyers.co.uk
8. Always submit a CV as a PDF file format.
9. During our project presentations in an interview it’s good to talk about functionality and accessibility and as well about the design process.
10. A web portfolio is essential for a web or multimedia designer. It can be a personal web site, a profile in myspace or deviantart or even a blog.
Also a few good ideas from design magazines where shown as inspiration for our own portfolio.

Post’s featured image taken from stockgallery. Edited by dRuantia design.