Code Annihilation

Inspired by Zeitgeist, “Code Annihilation” is an interactive narrative merging history, fiction and conspiracy theories, a collision of nostalgia and futuristic themes.

The piece is one of my final projects in BA i-media of Liverpool John Moores University. It focuses on user experience and experiments with alternative storytelling methods. It was created aiming to provide a non-linear personal practice allowing the user to explore through the different parts of the story in order to reveal a conspiracy.

Interact with the switchboard and a mouse to uncover the plot – like a spy retrieving clues.

The piece was exhibited in FACT, Liverpool as a part of the AND Festival in September 2009 and in The BlueCoat as a part of the “Views from the Grassy Knoll” conspiracy event day on the 27 March 2010.

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to FACT & Bluecoat

Sample screens