Narcissus: mirror tales

Narcissus: mirror tales, my final project at BA i-media Liverpool John Moores University, is an interactive non-linear experience, a live art stage for the user to become and actor, to explore and experiment with his/her identity.
It employs imagery, projection, sound and space in order to motivate the users to act on a personal interactive experience. It is a piece that demonstrates alternatively, ways in which we respond to the relationship between our mirror-self and the image perceived by others. In particular, this project is an interactive live performance stage. The new media elements are used in order to build a theatrical atmosphere in which the user is motivated to embody the performer’s role. “Narcissus: Mirror Tales” intents to become a theatrical playground for the users to experiment with their image, explore, and interact with the space and another user.
The projected was selected and presented at Campus Party Europe in April
2010 in Madrid, Spain.

Printed material