Terriers Bonus Interactive CD-Rom

Work commissioned for Ariel Trust, Liverpool. The project was a part of “Terriers”, an educational pack about violence, guns and young criminality. Terries bonus interactive CD-Rom includes games, activities, video, audio and other resources. The content reflects themes by Maurice’s Bessman play “Terriers” which is about a young student who was shot.
The concept proposed was inspired by shooting games and grunge look and feels referring to the “dark culture of crime”.
The most difficult part of this project was the organisation of a large amount of content to a solid and easy navigation system.

Tasks: Full Creation of the bonus CD (Design, Content Organization,
Action Script, Animation)

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  1. Adam Rector wrote:

    I work for a safari tour company in Nairobi, Kenya. We are looking to design an interactive CD to complement our brochure. It doesn’t need to be too fancy or feature rich. I am looking for something that has our info organized so that people can click to find info on East Africa, our itineraries, and hotel fact sheets. Can you email me some of your past work please so I can get an idea of what types of materials you create. And how much do you typically charge?

    Thank you,
    Adam Rector