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Crossplatform Campaing for Electrocycle S.A.
Art direction

Agency: Rascal & Cream
Copywriter: Vily Galazoula
Video: Adel Sanoussi, Marinos Kaklamanis
Print & Radio: Konstantinos Argiriou & Ioanna Deimezi (Cream)
Street Artists: Soiber, El Fors, Scar, WD

Objective: To create awareness about recycling electrical devices to young audiences.
Approach: To create a youth platform where young people would be able express their vision for a greener planet.

Core: Facebook application merging twitter & google maps
Channels: Media (banners, skins, etc), TV (mad, mtv), Radio, Print (athens voice/lifo), 4 Street Art Creations

FB Application Design

Promo Video

Street Art


Promo Banner

Copywriter: Giorgos Emmanouil